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Royal Flying Doctor Service Pit Stop Mens Health Check

The Royal Flying Doctor Service was selected as the Charity of choice for the Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island in October 2010.  As part of this selection they held at a men's initiaitive called PitStop.  PitStop is an event that takes place in community settings where men are encouraged to undertake a number of preventative health tests.  PitStop uses a mechanics workshop environment to encourage amd foster men to think and act as proactively about their health as they do their vehicles.

The NRHSN had members from LARHC, MARHS, NOMAD, OUTLOOK, RAHMS, SHARP & WILDFIRE participate in PitStop by conducting the men's health checks. 

Report by one NRHSN member who volunteered at PitStop

Rebecca Taylor is a SHARP member who has written up a report on her involvement in PitStop:

"The tests consist of the chassis test, the torsion, the exhaust, fuel additives, oil pressure, spark plugs and duco. The chassis test is waist measurement. The torsion test is flexibility. The exhaust is smoking. Fuel additives relates to alcohol intake. Oil pressure is blood pressure. Spark plugs are testicular cancer and duco is skin cancer.  Each test consisted of either a number of questions or a few measurements. To start, each male was given a work sheet and would then make their way around to each station. Once they had either answered the questions or had their measurements done they were issued with a pass or fail. Once they had been to each station they would then go onto to the finish line, where the number of fails and passes were added, if they had more than six passes they were issued with a registration sticker. If they had less than six passes they were issued with a yellow and are advised to visit his regular GP.

The four days spent at PitStop in Phillip Island were a great experience for all involved.  It was also a big success for the RFDS, raising $63,332.85.  It was extremely exciting to be able to work as a team member alongside the Royal Flying Doctor Service.  It wa sa good experience to see how other people worked, as well as being great for my communication skills as I had to deal and work with a wide range of people.  Overall, PitStop was a great experience and fun was had by all.  I cannot wait to head back there to do it all again."

Rebecca's full report can be downloaded here.

Also see this report By Adam Wilson from SHARP




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