Jean-Baptiste Philibert

Candidate: Jean-Baptiste Philibert

Rural Health Club: RHUWS

Discipline: Medicine

Please provide summary of why you are interested in the position, your ability to fulfil the position and your previous experience related to the position. (Word limit: 300 words)

I am interested in an executive position with NRHSN because as a future procedural rural GP in a remote area, I want to start advocating for rural communities and their health as soon as possible as this will be my role before long. I have a strong record of involvement in rural health promotion and advocacy. I have been on my rural health club exec for the last 2 years (currently secretary), I am a John Flynn Scholar in the Northern Territory for which I have completed several podcasts and interviews (see A healthy exchange series on rural health pro episode 4, as well as virtually rural video on WSU youtube channel), I have been interviewed by the RDN and this was also published in writing on rural health pro. I am also a recipient of the Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarship by the federal government as a rural student who has relocated to undertake Medicine. Finally I intend on winning a rural cadetship with the RDN. All these experiences demonstrate the involvement I have had with rural health in the first 2 years of my medical degree. I have also been involved in numerous advocacy roles through elected representative positions with my Med Soc. I intend however to focus my endeavours on taking my love of remote health on a national scale and I believe that a position with NRHSN will allow me to work and coordinate the incredible work that the rural clubs around Australia are completing every year. I have seen how essential ground work is and how crucial it is to provide the support these clubs need and I believe that is what NRHSN does. I am dedicated and have experience in high level public service administration prior to doing med and will bring these skills

Please provide a response to the Key Selection Criteria. (Word limit: 1000 words)

As demonstrated in my previous statement, I am very passionate and involved with rural health. I have been involved in advocacy at a local level and a state level with the exposure provided to me by the RDN and interstate with my John Flynn placement in an aboriginal medical service in the Northern Territory. As a current executive member of my rural healthy club for the last two years and currently secretary I want to take the next step in my advocacy work by joining the NRHSN executive committee. Prior to joining medicine I worked in public service in Western Australia and had involvement with rural areas. I also lived in Tasmania in a rural area and then relocated to western Sydney to pursue medicine with the hope to practice as a procedural rural GP. As part of my involvement with the rural school, I have gone on several multidisciplinary rural health experience and enjoyed the great opportunities that is working alongside allied health as we all have our areas of strength and expertise. I am very passionate about continuing for advocating more allied health involvement in rural health clubs. As an elected student representative on several committees at the university, I am very familiar with advocating for the views of my student body and not letting this interfere with my personal beliefs in order to complete the task adequately. As part of my prior work experience in public service I have great experience prioritizing and meeting deadlines as well as working in groups with people from all backgrounds and knowledge. I am also currently a PASS leader for first year medicine student which is a great leadership role as I facilitate the learning of students in a fun interactive way which has enabled me to develop greater empathy and skills in order to deliver the most beneficial sessions I can provide. I have vast experience presenting in at conferences and lectures as part of my prior work experience as well as a PASS facilitator currently in medicine. I have been involved with the media in being interviewed by the university and the NSW RDN on a healthy exchange series as a guest panellist.

Please provide your Curriculum Vitae. This can include a summary of specific previous experiences you have had related to rural health and leadership (events, courses, positions held, relevant previous or current employment). (Word limit: 500 words)

PROFESSIONAL OVERVIEW A natural communicator, I rapidly establish positive, professional relationships with stakeholders from all socio-economic, cultural and professional backgrounds. Adept at strategic thinking, problem solving and implementing solutions, I am seeking to gain experience in the medical field as a second year medical student in Western Sydney.

1 QUALIFICATIONS • 2019-2023 Doctor of Medicine Western Sydney U, Domestic student- GPA 7.0, John Flynn Scholar- NT • 2018 Bachelor of Medical Research University of Tasmania, Incomplete- GPA 7.0, Bachelor of Philosophy University of Tasmania, Incomplete- GPA 7.0, Completed a Summer Research Project in natural product synthesis

Achievements and Professional Development • Current Senior First Aid • Current Mental Health First Aid • Cultural Orientation Plan for Health Professionals (Department of Health, WA) • Cultural Orientation Tennant Creek Anyinginyi AMS

2 SCHOLARSHIPS AND PRIZES • John Flynn Placement Program Scholar ($4,000, travel, 8 weeks accommodation) • Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarship- $18,500 (2019-2022) • NSW Rural Doctors Network Student Outreach Placement Scholar (2019) • J.N. Baxter Memorial Prize for outstanding proficiency in first year Organic Chemistry- $200 (2018) • Executive Dean’s Summer Research Scholarship- $2,000 (2018)

3 EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES • Secretary for the Rural Health Union of Western Sydney (RHUWS) for 2020 • Assessment, Evaluation and Professionalism elected representative for all years at the Western Sydney Medical Society (WSMS) for 2020 • John Flynn Placement Program Scholar (2019-2021) • 3 weeks placement in November 2019 in Tennant Creek Anyinginyi AMS • Participant in the Tamworth Rural Experience (T-REX) a multidisciplinary road trip between the rural schools of WSU and JMP • Neurology rural volunteer placement in Coffs Harbour as part of the NSW RDN scholarship program (June 2019) • Logistics Officer for the Rural Health Union of Western Sydney (RHUWS) for 2019 • Assessment and Evaluation representative for all years at the Western Sydney Medical Society (WSMS) for 2019 • Logistics sub-committee member for the AMSA Global Health Conference (GHC2019) – Responsible for all transportation for 600 delegates for 4 days in various locations around Sydney • Volunteer for the Academy (high achiever program) • Volunteer with UTAS Students in School program. This is an outreach program within low SES and regional areas to encourage university participation (2018).

4 EMPLOYMENT OVERVIEW • 2019-Current, Casual, Western Sydney University • 2018-2019, Casual, University of Tasmania • 2015-2018, Full time continuing, Curtin University • 2013-2015, Full time continuing, Murdoch University

5 EMPLOYMENT DETAILS • 2020- Current, PASS Leader Western Sydney University, Run weekly peer assisted study sessions for Year 1 Medicine student • 2018-2019, Student Ambassador University of Tasmania, Part of the student recruitment team representing the University at various future student events such as Open Day or Career fairs • 2018-2019, Contact Team Member University of Tasmania, Worked in the contact centre to answer queries from prospective and current students • 2018-2019, Student Mentor University of Tasmania, Student mentor as part of the school engagement team. Responsible for a residential apartment for year 12 summer college program (1 week), Participant in the students in school program (outreach program)

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