Leon Latt

Candidate: Leon Latt

Rural Health Club: RUSTICA

Discipline: MBBS

Please provide summary of why you are interested in the position, your ability to fulfill the position and your previous experience related to the position. (Word limit: 300 words)

I am interest in running for Community and Advocacy Officer as I am incredibly passionate about rural health, and I believe that this is a role that can have a substantial impact advocating for students and rural and remote communities and a role where I will gain greater insight to how rural health is currently managed. I have lived rurally much of my life, from Derby in the Kimberley to St Marys in Tasmania, where I currently reside. I have firsthand experience with rural health both within the clinics where I have worked in as a JFPP scholar on King Island and outside with the communities. I have been heavily involved with AMSA policies that have dealt with rural health as well as Rustica, having been sponsorship officer in 2020 and won an award from the Tasmanian University Societies Association (TUSA) for my commitment to Rustica. I am diligent and hardworking and have much experience working with external stakeholders. I also have some knowledge about the issues that rural health face, especially with regards to medical students such as the end of JFPP, which I am a part of. Most importantly, I am very keen to broaden my knowledge to involve allied health professionals as I know firsthand how important allied health is rural health and if I am successful, look forward to working with NRHSN in advocating for health student voices.

Please provide a response to the Key Selection Criteria. (Word limit: 1000 words)

1.Access to email, phone and internet for communication throughout the term.

2. Availability for travel to attend RHC, stakeholders and NRHSN events and meetings throughout the term. I will be in Tasmania or Australia for most if not all of my term, and will be able to communicate with and travel throughout the year (COVID depending).

3. Previous experience within the NRHSN at national and/or RHC level.

4. Interest and involvement in rural health.  I believe that what I have discussed above demonstrates my interest in rural health.

5. Demonstrated previous leadership support roles/experience/learnings.

6. Demonstrated previous experience in presenting at conferences, meeting with stakeholders, media interviews.

7. Demonstrated understanding of the role of the Executive Committee within the NRHSN.

8. Demonstrated previous understanding or commitment of a multi-disciplinary approach to rural and remote health.

9. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of NRHSN publications, resources and position/priority papers. These are admittedly areas I do not have much understanding in except for what I have been able to read on the NRHSN website. However through my roles in AMSA I have been exposed to many of the issues rural health and medical students face, such as the BMP and the JFPP, and have a written advocacy policies for AMSA on Social Prescribing as well as mentored a policy for Rural Clinical Schools, both which heavily impact health students and rural health.

10. Demonstrated previous experience in representing a representative bodies views and not personal views.

11. Demonstrated previous experience in ensuring timelines for tasks are met for yourself and for others.

12. Demonstrated an understanding or experience in professional behaviour.

13. Demonstrated previous experience/ability to work cohesively in a team.    I have had multiple roles within my MedSoc in Utas (Tasmanian University Medical Students’ Society, TUMSS) which has included representing and advocating for the cohort last year, which was especially critical due to the COVID pandemic to running a very successful statewide blood drive for Vampire Cup, which is a nationwide blood drive. This and my Rustica involvement required working in a highly professional and organised manner and has given me invaluable experience in working in teams.

14. Demonstrated ability to work in close collaboration with the Consortium of RWAs and/or an administrator. Through my role in Rustica as sponsorship officer I was heavily involved within Rustica and had numerous meetings with stakeholders and sponsors, especially with the HR+, which is the RWA for Tasmania. This involved securing conference funding, and discussions of allied health student involvement and potential programs for them.

Please provide your Curriculum Vitae. This can include a summary of specific previous experiences you have had related to rural health and leadership (events, courses, positions held, relevant previous or current employment). (Word limit: 500 words)

Profile: Diligent and ambitious, I have regularly pushed myself to learning new things, whether that is working with people to creating a device to representing students and running events. Due to this, I have ample experience in working with many different types of people, from staff and students, to promoters and companies. A medical student who is halfway through his medical degree, I endeavour to voice the opinions of the unheard. Uncompromising in my values, I try to be as compassionate and empathetic as I can be.

Employment & Volunteering History: 2020 – 2022: John Flynn Placement Program Scholar 2022-2023: AMSA representative, Tasmanian University Medical Students Society (TUMSS) Jan 2021 – Present: Junior AMSA representative, TUMSS 2021- Present: Policy Author and Mentor for AMSA (Australian Medical Students’ Association) Jan 2020 – Dec 2020: Sponsorship officer, Rustica Jan 2020 – Dec 2020: Promotions Officer & Working Group Officer, General Practice Student Network UTas Jan 2020 – Dec 2020: 2nd Year Academic Representative, TUMSS 2020- Present: Volunteer in training, St John Ambulance

Education: Jan 2019 — Present: MBBS, University of Tasmania – Hobart  Studying at the University of Tasmania, currently 3rd year. Feb 2014 — Dec 2018: Scotch Oakburn College – Launceston  Attended high school with an academic scholarship.

Achievements: 2020: Gold Award – for my involvement in Rustica  Tasmanian University Students Association May 2019: National Leadership Development Seminar delegate – Canberra March 2021 – May 2021: Vampire Cup Tasmania Organiser Sept 2020: Most Diplomatic Delegate of the Economic and Social Council –  University of Wollongong Model UN Oct 2019: Southern Auxiliary Prize – Jane Franklin Hall 2018: Best speech at club level – Lions Youth of the Year 2018: Parliamentary Debating Shield North Tasmania

Last updated: December 24, 2021