Michelle Luk

Candidate: Michelle Luk

Rural Health Club: RHUWS

Discipline: Doctor of Medicine

Please provide summary of why you are interested in the position, your ability to fulfill the position and your previous experience related to the position. (Word limit: 300 words)

I am interested the officer position with NRHSN because having grown up in rural NSW, I have had first-hand experience of the hardship and health inequity faced by rural Australians and so I am determined to start advocating for health equity in rural communities early on and better understand the unique priorities pertinent to each individual rural community as an aspiring rural generalist practitioner.  I have a strong involvement in rural health promotion and advocacy. I have been part of my rural health club for the past three years where I have help create and participate in rural outreach programs to high schools in Bathurst and Wagga. I am also currently holding executive positions (Sponsorship and Indigenous Officer) where I have also taken the initiative to create events to promote multidisciplinary collaboration with allied health professionals and key rural community members. I have a strong background and understanding of rural communities as I am also a John Flynn Scholar based in Bundaberg, Queensland and have gone on many rural outreaches including the RDN Go Rural South Western trip. These experiences have demonstrated my strong involvement in rural health within all my years in my medical degree. Furthermore, I have also been involved in other advocacy roles in my community including President of the Psychiatry Association of Western Sydney and also as a Member Engagement Officer in St John Ambulance where I have focused also on the advocacy of mental health in vulnerable groups. For the remaining years of my medical degree, I am determined to focus my advocacy work on rural health on a greater scale and share my skills in leadership, management and creativity to meaningful organisation such as NRHSN as I truly believe in creating rural opportunities for health students and promoting a better and more sustainable future for rural health.

Please provide a response to the Key Selection Criteria. (Word limit: 1000 words)

From my personal experience of living rurally and also from outreach trips, I am passionate in advocating for health equity in rural Australia where I believe in nurturing and empowering future medical and allied health professionals to take an opportunity to go rural.

I have a vast experience in rural advocacy work on a state and community level where I have been a JFPP scholar in Bundaberg, Queensland and also participated in rural outreach trips with RDN and my rural health club (RHUWS).

Currently, I advocate for rural health as a Sponsorship and Indigenous Officer in RHUWS where I have experience in liaising with external and internal organisations to promote rural opportunities to medical and allied health students as well as working with First Nation liaison to promote Indigenous engagement as an intrinsic part of rural health.

Furthermore, I have worked in collaboration with allied health groups to create events to promote rural experiences to other health students. I want to expand my advocacy work onto the next level within NRHSN to better promote rural health to future medical and allied health professionals on a national level as I truly believe that the future health workforce plays a key role in achieving health equity in rural Australia.

I have an extensive experience in leadership as well as holding leadership and management qualifications including Certificate IV Leadership and Management and completing the WSU Adaptive Leadership Program 2020. My experience in student leadership includes my role as Academy Ambassador for Western Sydney University (a program for high achievers) as well as university societies (RHUWS and Psychiatry Association (PAWS)) and St John Ambulance.

As an Academy Ambassador, I represented students from all disciplines to negotiate with university staff on how to best support student’s learning and job opportunities. This role required me to remain impartial and represent student’s views without letting my personal bias interfere to help identify and create the best opportunities for all the students in the university.

Furthermore, as an Ambassador, I have experience in collaborating with university staff to create content for students throughout the year which required attending regular meetings and meeting goals for tasks.

Additionally, I am the current President for the Psychiatry Association of Western Sydney (PAWS) where in my role I have an astute understanding the roles and responsibilities of all positions within the club.

From this, I organise tasks efficiently, actively support my colleagues to carry out their duties and help create solutions to problems if issues arise. Additionally, I was previously the Publications and Events Officer where I was also responsible for social media and content creation and have created many social media campaigns promoting mental health and self-care.

I also represent St John Ambulance on a state and community level where I hold multiple roles as Peer Support Officer and Member Engagement Officer as well as having experience as a First Responder and Mental Health First Aid Responder to national emergencies including the 2019/20 bushfires.

From all these roles, I also have experience in presenting in meetings with stakeholders and lectures and also acting as the chair at meetings. I have also been in a media interview with NSW RDN to promote the Go Rural trip in 2021.

Please provide your Curriculum Vitae. This can include a summary of specific previous experiences you have had related to rural health and leadership (events, courses, positions held, relevant previous or current employment). (Word limit: 500 words)

QUALIFICATIONS 2019-2023 Doctor of Medicine Western Sydney University 2017-2018 Bachelor of Pharmacy, Incomplete 2015-2016 Bachelor of Medical Science, Incomplete  Completed a Summer Research Project in Intersectionality in vulnerable populations

ACHIEVEMENTS & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Current First Aid Certificate Current Mental Health Emergency First Aid Certificate IV Leadership and Management BSB42015 Certificate II in Medical Service First Responder HLT210 2020 Sustainability Bootcamp Badge Western Sydney University 2020 Adaptive Leadership Program Western Sydney University SG00005227 Statement of Attainment in Project Management Essentials

SCHOLARSHIPS AND PRIZES 2019 – 2023 John Flynn Placement Program Scholar ($4,000, travel, 8 weeks accommodation) 2019 – 2020 Global Firsts Program ($3000 travel subsidy) 2020 – 2021 Summer Research Scholarship ($3500) 2021 RDN Go Rural South Western NSW (travel subsidy)

EXTRA-CURRICULUM ACTIVITIES  Rural Doctor’s Network (RDN) 2021 RDN Go Rural South Western NSW 2021 RDN Anaesthetics Procedural Conference  Western Sydney University 2020 Mentor Program for Western Sydney Medical Students 2020 Academy Ambassador (High Achievers) Citizen Scholar from the Academy Program

RHUWS 2021 – Indigenous & Sponsorship Officer 2019 – 2020 Volunteer for the Rural Health Union of Western Sydney (RHUWS) 2019 – Student Outreach Program volunteer for RHUWS  PAWS 2021 – President 2020 – Events and Publication Officer   St Johns Ambulance Sydney University Division Peer Support for volunteer RFS Headquarters during 2019/20 Bushfires Peer Support Officer St Johns and Research assistant 2019 – Current: Member Engagement Officer St John’s University of Sydney Division  Others UNSW Volunteer at the Museum of Human Disease Drew’s Pharmacy North Sydney Share the Dignity drive Our Big Kitchen/Salvation Army Hope Meal

EMPLOYMENT 2018 to current: Drew’s Pharmacy North Sydney as a Dispensary Technician 2021 to current: Wollongong Foot and Ankle as a Publication Editor

Last updated: December 24, 2021