2022 Application Ah Dam Jeon

Candidate: Ah Dam Jeon

Rural Health Club: Rh+

Discipline: Bachelor of Pharmacy

Please provide summary of why you are interested in the position, your ability to fulfill the position and your previous experience related to the position. (Word limit: 300 words)

Since early 2021, I’ve been volunteering with Mates Against Melanoma (MAM) as a Social Media Publisher, and I’ve been collaborating closely with the Marketing & Administration Manager on developing and implementing social media strategies and guidelines, systems, procedures, and tools; and providing expert reporting, analytics, and advice to increase visibility, awareness, understanding, and support for awareness of Skin Cancer as well as vision, corporate objectives, activities, and programs for MAM. I’ve gained the ability to take in what’s occuring or about to happen, and to adjust campaign objectives and content to ensure continuous success with the objectives. In addition, I’ve learned how to maintain track of any system modifications and new trends within the platform, as well as how to adapt the approach and content in light of the most recent upgrades.  My other responsibilities including coordinating MAM’s social media, sourcing new content within the community, editing and review content compliance and acting as Social media moderator, scheduling of all social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, researching content ideas for social posts and campaigns, developing the social media assets and moderating and community management of social accounts, liaising and strengthening relationships with internal and external stakeholders, increase community awareness and engagement on all MAM social & digital media sites, on-site at MAM events, to coordinate social media in real time, and campaign collaboration with Marketing & Ecommerce.  As a Social Media Officer for the NRHSN, I’d like to work with other members of the NRHSN, such as other Chairs and Officers, to develop not only the right voice and language for the brand on social media, but also to ensure that contingency plans are in place. Also, I’d like to check our campaigns on a regular basis in order to optimise them and ensure that our objectives are accomplished.

Please provide a response to the Key Selection Criteria. (Word limit: 1000 words)

I am an efficient worker, so while I’ll gladly put in extra time if necessary, I find that I can complete the vast majority of my work tasks during the regular workweek. Having access to email, phone, and internet for communication is not a problem for me throughout the term.

I have the ability to travel and am willing to go as long as it does not interfere with my studies. I’d be willing to travel on weekends or for day trips on occasion. I enjoy travelling and consider it an exciting experience, so I am willing to go on as many trips as my student schedule allows.

I do not have NRHSN experience, but I have an experience of serving as Pharmacy Awareness Chair in National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association, where my responsibilities included working with many different and progressive organisations to provide information on health, the importance of a pharmacist’s role and their involvement in the community, working with each NAPSA Branch to facilitate their Pharmacy Awareness Month, where branches run campaigns to encourage student involvement on these initiatives and promote important health issues and deliver health education to enhance public awareness of the important and vital role that the pharmacy profession has in the community’s healthcare and well-being and working tirelessly to spread awareness amongst students, interns, pharmacists and the wider allied health community about important initiatives, topics and campaigns pertaining to the pharmacy industry.

There is a shortage of healthcare workers in rural areas. I felt a strong sense of community throughout my regional placement option. Because community members were so invested in the development of the health service, I am aware that it was frequently featured in local media. In terms of availability of pharmacy in rural and regional area, clinical pharmacists are desperately needed as part of primary care in areas where there are no community pharmacies. Working in regional and rural health services is, in my opinion, an important and respected role in the community.

My responsibility as President of the Orange Campus in the SRC of Charles Sturt University included positively representing the programme and Charles Sturt in front of external stakeholders. I conducted an interview with Prime 7 News on behalf of Charles Sturt University students and the SRC, as well as a recording to promote Student Safety Survey participation on behalf of Charles Sturt University, which was made public on the university’s official social media page, and an interview with the media team to promote SRC involvement within the university.

I spoke with Jean-Baptiste Philibert, Acting Chair of the NRHSN, to enhance my understanding of the role. As the social media officer, I am responsible for all NRHSN posting and activity on social media platforms, as well as developing and maintaining ongoing content for social media channels, using a social media calendar to ensure channel success, and building activism and engagement across NRHSN campaigns and programmes.

As President of SRC, I was responsible for representing the SRC and its members to the University and wider community, as well as advocating on their behalf regardless of personal feelings. As President, any decision I made was in the best interests of students, which is an abstract interest that is objective, impersonal, and disconnected from personal interest.

Staying organised is a key component of my ability to be productive and happy at work. Every week, the first thing I do is make sure my desk is in order. My tasks are prioritised based on their due date, the importance of the work or project, and the length of time it will take. I also include deadlines for each of those tasks, which helps me prioritise tasks that I can include on my daily to-do list to ensure they are completed on time.

While serving as President of SRC and Orange Pharmacy Students Association, I first had act on consistent honesty, appropriate, neat, clean, and well maintained clothing, being able to be trusted with the property of others, demonstrating respect for others, taking initiative to complete tasks, and accepting constructive feedback in a positive manner.

I believe that all members’ professional behaviour is critical to an organisation’s long-term success.  When I served as President of Orange Pharmacy Students Association, each week, we meet to brainstorm how to manage the events, who to invite for the guest speakers, how to manage the funding and how to increase students registration and engagement. We all work together to ensure a diverse mix of speakers, aiming to appeal to a wide swath of students on Campus. Because everyone on the team comes from different areas, we’ve all learned so much about big ideas, from marketing to small detail. Unfortunately, the event was eventually cancelled due to current lockdown, however I have learned the value of recognizing and celebrating each team member’s strengths. This allows the team to more easily delegate tasks to the appropriate people.

I understand what it means to be a part of something bigger than myself. Team sports have taught me how to work with a group to accomplish a shared goal.  Brainstorming sessions is indeed part of the process of collaborating on a problem. As a member of SRC and the Orange Pharmacy Student Association, I’ve learned that I can always learn a lot from other people’s perspectives because people with different professional experiences and knowledge backgrounds see the same situation from different perspectives. While I enjoy being a strong team player, I also enjoy being able to take the lead and coordinate everyone’s efforts as well.

I have excellent organisational, scheduling, and follow-up skills, which is why my committee trusted me and frequently relied on me for assistance. I was always willing to help because I knew my committee would do the same for me.

Please provide your Curriculum Vitae. This can include a summary of specific previous experiences you have had related to rural health and leadership (events, courses, positions held, relevant previous or current employment). (Word limit: 500 words)

I’ve been volunteering as a RH POSTIVE Student leader since 2020, where my responsibilities included assisting break out rooms and connecting with First Nations students on health-care career pathways, information sessions and practical workshops, providing hands-on activities and information on Medical, Dental, Nursing, and Allied Health Courses via Expo stall, and volunteering works for First Nations Community event support and MHFA training delivered to club members.

For the 2020/21 academic year, I served as President of the Orange Campus in the SRC of Charles Sturt University, where my responsibilities included chairing SRC meetings, representing the SRC and its members to the University and wider community, serving as the official spokesperson to and for the SRC and its members, and establishing and maintaining a working knowledge of proposed and existing policy and legislation at the University, State, and Federal level, which may affect student education and welfare,  handling general enquiries on such matters as complaints regarding SRC and be contactable for matters regarding the SRC, and ensuring all SRC members are developing and involved in activities.

Since 2020, I’ve volunteered as a Future Moves leader, where my responsibilities included raising aspiration and awareness for university education among low socioeconomic and First Nations students across the Central West of New South Wales, a culturally diverse range of students from kindergarten to year 12, communicating with all students, and making each student feel important and valued, making sure all participants always feel welcome and comfortable during our events and workshops, encouraging students to take part in activities and ask questions throughout the day, positively representing program and Charles Sturt in front of external stakeholders and initiative to organise and facilitating Future Moves events and activities, as well as suggesting ways to improve the current program.

I served as President of the Orange Pharmacy Students’ Association, where my responsibilities included being in charge of full executive power in the absence of the executive committee and a general meeting, organising and chairing regular committee meetings, National Councillors to NAPSA events as a representative of OPSA, making decisions in the best interests of OPSA as a whole, and handling the formal business with efficiency, which exemplifies the ideals of the association to reflect the standards demanded by the pharmacy profession.

During my term, I worked closely with healthcare professionals such as Pharmacy Guild, PharmaHack, PSA, and PDL, as well as pharmacological companies such as Ego Pharmaceuticals and community pharmacists, to provide the best possible information and activities to students and audience, and the result was a 490% increase in student membership and a 580% increase in audience membership.

Last updated: March 17, 2022