Useful links and contacts


Australian Helathinfonet is a comprehensive resource about Indigenous health. The site includes the listing of organisations running current programs and projects. Organisations can be contacted to enquire about the possibility of your Rural Health Club assisting or participating.


IHHP works on the principal of using the 'arts for change', focussing on Indigenous young people's strengths, developing their skills and attitudes and working closing with partners to support community development.

IHHP believes that in order to work towards 'Closing the Gap' and address disadvantage faced by Indigenous young people, programs need to support the development of physical, social and emotional wellbeing.


JURAKI is an Indigenous Event Management Team committed to creating, supporting & partnering in (sporting) events that give Indigenous similar yet culturally-sensitive opportunities to main-stream. “Closing the gap from the Indigenous perspective”


Specky Dreaming is a highly engaging, educational and health promotional community event focused on Footy, Fun, Fitness and Future Pathways. The program is versatile and can be adjusted to suit all communities and age groups.

Please call them to discuss potential events and costs which depend upon location of expected event and whether your club can ensure sufficient people to assist in the setting up and taking down of equipment.


The Health Heroes website informs students about the range of health jobs, training options, career pathways and support available. The website includes an interactive career quiz which suggests a range of health jobs based on participants’ interests and skills base as well as 20 case study videoes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Heroes.


The Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association (AIDA) Student Representative Commitee's resources are designed for Indigenous medical students. The Indigenous Medical Students Guide to Internships and the Indigenous Medical Students Guide to Medical School.

You can find the resources on the AIDA website at:


The desertSMART EcoFair is Central Australia's premier science and sustainability event organised by the Arid Lands Environment Centre.  

Parrtjima Light Festival

Parrtjima – A Festival in Light is a celebration of Central Australia’s rich Aboriginal culture. It’s a breathtaking showcase of contemporary and traditional Indigenous art, culture and stories using light and sound on a scale never seen before. 

Murri Carnival

The Murri Carnival showcases Queensland Indigenous Rugby League at its best, but also provide an important health message to all involved.