Indigenous Community Engagement Activities

The National Rural Health Student Network (NRHSN) Indigenous Community Engagement Activity program provides opportunities for Rural Health Club (RHC) students to play a role in improving the health and education of rural communities. Research has shown that students with a rural background are more likely to go rural when they are qualified.


The aims of the Indigenous Community Engagement Activities program are to:

  • Inspire Indigenous rural students to pursue health careers.
  • Increase your knowledge of rural community health.
  • Gain skills in working in a rural community.
  • Gain further connections with rural health workers and communities.
  • Gain positive rural experiences.

Types of activities

Indigenous Community Engagement Activities could include:

  • Attendance at Indigenous Family Days.
  • Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through youth clubs, Indigenous Community Health Services or other organisations.
  • Indigenous Community Festivals.
  • Assisting schools with a predominantly Indigenous student population with a series of health workshops including healthy eating, skills based sessions and highlighting health careers as options for future study.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Guides

In August 2018, NRHSN produced and finalised a comprehensive and detailed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Activity Guide.

In August 2019, NRHSN produced and finalised an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student engagement advocacy project guide.