Marriage Equality

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The National Rural Health Student Network (NRHSN) represents more than 10,000 multidisciplinary health students belonging to 28 Rural Health Clubs across Australia. One of the aims of the NRHSN is to provide a voice for our members who represent the future workforce of rural Australia and who believe marriage inequality compromises the mental health and wellbeing of the LGBTIQ community.

Two of NRHSN’s key advocacy areas are:

  1. Mental health training and awareness; and

  2. Health outcomes of rural and remote Australians.


Research carried out by beyondblue states members of the LGBTIQ community experience poorer mental health outcomes than others in the population and have the highest rate of suicide out of any population group in Australia.


People living in rural areas experience increased difficulty in accessing healthcare, including mental health services. This is a double burden on LGBTIQ community members living in rural areas.


The NRHSN stands together with other health organizations against discrimination and supports marriage equality.