Position papers

The NRHSN advocates on a number of issues relevant to the future rural health workforce and these are highlighted in our Network position papers. These position papers are regularly updated and new ones developed as needed. All position papers are developed following consultation with general NRHSN members, Rural Health Club representives, NRHSN portfolios and the NRHSN Executive, and have become official policy following endorsement by the NRHSN Council.

Please note that any papers developed before January 2018 were administered by Rural Health Workforce Australia, not the current administrative body NSW Rural Doctors Network. If you have any enquiries about these papers, please contact executivecommittee@nrhsn.org.au or 02 8337 8100.

Quality Indigenous Health Curriculum Position Paper

The Quality Indigenous Health Curriculum position paper was finalised in September 2015.

Extended scope of practice Position Paper

The Extended scope of practice, emerging health professions and rural career pathway attraction opportunities position paper was revised in September 2015.

Bonded Schemes Position Paper

The Bonded Schemes position paper was revised in March 2018.

The NRHSN surveyed its members in 2014 regarding bonded schemes and the summary results can be found here.

Inter Professional Education (IPE) Position Paper

The Inter Professional Education position paper was finalised by the NRHSN Executive in November 2007 and updated in 2012 by the NRHSN Executive and Community and Advocacy Portfolio. 

Student Services Amenities Fee Position Paper

The Student Services Amenities Fee Position Paper was finalised in June 2012.

Indigenous Health Position Paper

The Indigenous Health position paper was revised in August 2017.

Nurse Practitioners Position Paper

The Nurse Practitioners position paper was revised in March 2018.

Climate Change Position Paper

The Climate Change position paper was finalised in August 2017.