Section 10: Checklist

RHSV planning, running and follow-up

  • Confirm RHSV budget with RHC administrator or relevant exec
  • Make initial contact with school
  • Add successful school contacts to master RHSV Google document
  • Follow-up with school (email or phone call)
  • Recruit 1-2 RHC exec to participate in RHSV
  • Recruit 2-3 RHC general members to participate in RHSV
  • Send out confirmation letter to school
  • Send photography consent form to school
  • Book accommodation (if necessary)
  • Organise transport or car hire
  • Contact media
  • Send out media release
  • Organise RHSV briefing day and send out RHSV briefing document to volunteers
  • Confirm RHSV volunteer attendance
  • Send out follow-up/ thank you letter to school
  • Print RHSV student evaluation forms
  • Debrief with RHSV volunteers and seek feedback through volunteer feedback forms
  • Document in an event report for future RHSV and/ or NRHSN newsletter

RHSV tools

  • Handouts - scholarship info, course info, accommodation info
  • Gutsy Gus
  • Stethoscopes, Blood pressure cuffs (sphygmomanometers)
  • Crepe bandages
  • Plaster + bucket
  • Other discipline-specific equipment (list here: ____________________________________)
  • Prizes (list here: __________________________________________)
  • Butcher’s paper and coloured markers
  • RHC merchandise
  • Pamphlets printed

Forms and letters

  • Introduction letter to school
  • Confirmation letter to school
  • Photography consent form + Permission slip
  • Media release form
  • Follow-up/ thank you letter to school
  • Student evaluation form
  • RHSV volunteer feedback form


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