Research the schools you would like to contact for a RHSV at least one school term in advance. Your local state or territory government website should have a listing of schools. Choose a High School in an area of need, rather than a school that is easy to get to. Alternatively, contact the relevant RHC member in your role previously for a list of schools that your RHC has been involved with. Ongoing contact with these schools increases the chances they would welcome your RHC back for a RHSV.

NOTE: Do not feel disheartened if you have not heard back from any schools. They may be interested but chances are, the right person has yet to receive your emails!

Discuss with the school which year group(s) they think is best to target at their school.


Rural Health Club contracts require completion of at least two RHSVs throughout the year. These could be conducted as separate visits or combined in one trip. Consider whether it will be a day trip or a few days to know what to advertise to your club members who want to volunteer, and accommodation, transport hire, meals and resources should be organised accordingly. These should be discussed with your RHC executive to confirm what the budget will allow for.