Section 5: Workshop Content


Workshops are the core of the RHSV and the activities can be as varied as the many health professionals out there!

Brainstorming before the visit should consider what’s the main goal of the visit? 

  • exploring different health careers and what each of them do 

  • emphasising the importance of staying in school  

  • showing students university or TAFE is an attainable goal 

  • give practical information on scholarships, moving away from home and getting into universities 

  • or just having lots of hands-on fun and connecting with future health professionals in a casual setting. 

Group dynamics are going to be very different in an excited group of grades 4 to 6 students compared to year 11 or 12 students thinking seriously about university. Tailor the sessions to suit the mood of the students and be adaptable. Occasionally groups of students or individuals will be unengaged with the session from the very beginning, which can be very disheartening however often the hands-on sections are super helpful to regain their attention. Flexibility is the key of the visit and volunteers should be briefed on this prior – because even if nothing goes to plan but the kids still have fun it was a successful visit. We are just trying to show the students how much fun tertiary study can be and how much your volunteers love their degrees.