Information Sessions - What information do students want?

This will depend on the age of the students and where the next few years might take them. Here are some ideas for topics: 

  • Myth busting session – what don’t different health professions do? 

  • There’s more than just doctors and nurses! Who else makes up the health care team? 

  • University isn’t for me – different ways to get into health professions such as Tafe.   

  • Moving out of home – what’s out there to help? Centrelink, scholarships, working while studying. 

  • What grades do I need for each course? Talk about how to search for the same courses at different universities, look at prerequisites and find cut offs. Maybe think about linking in with the career’s counsellor at the school so students know who to talk to. 

  • What extra support is there for rural or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students? So many programs all over the country just focused on helping students like you get where you want to go. 

  • Should I stay in school? How continuing education helps not only you but your whole community. 

  • Health professionals aren’t scary! Younger kids to talk about why they maybe don’t want to go see doctors or dentists or other allied health and try to break down misconceptions. 

  • What do you want out of a job? Do you want to work on your own or in a team? When do you want to work – shift work, overnights, school hours? What would make you happy everyday – helping people? 

  • Where could a health career take you? Don’t forget to show some exciting photos or stories of travel/placements in Australia or overseas!