Some Tips for your Media Release


  • Send the release one week prior to your visit 

  • Make it interesting and newsworthy with an eye-catching heading (six words or less) 

  • Be factual, succinct and write in the third person 

  • Include quotes (from someone happy to be interviewed for further information) 

  • Mention your RHC name near the beginning – no acronyms 

  • Keep paragraphs short (two sentences) conveying the most important information first – the story may be trimmed from the bottom up when going to print 

  • Format clearly (size 12, 1.5 line spacing, no underlining, one page maximum) 

  • Provide names and contact details of two people who can be contacted at the end 

  • Proofread. 

See appendix 5 for a media release template you can use for your RHSV.