Welcome to MURHC

The National Rural Health Student Network

Welcome to Macquarie University Rural Health Club (MURHC)! We are a multi-disciplinary student run club with a passion for rural and remote health promotion to our members through placement and volunteering opportunities, guest speaker nights and exciting social events. We are a brand new community and are keen to involve anyone with interesting and unique ideas about how to jump start rural health at MQ. Join us today online and come find us in person at our meetings!

A multidisciplinary health club, promoting the importance of Rural Health to the Macquarie University community

By becoming a member of your Rural Health Club, you are also a member of the National Rural Health Student Network (NRHSN).

The NRHSN represents the future of rural health in Australia. It has more than 9,000 members who belong to 29 university Rural Health Clubs from all states and territories.

It is Australia’s only multi-disciplinary student health network, bringing together people studying medicine, nursing and allied health, encouraging them to pursue rural health careers.

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