What is the NRHSN Alumni

The NRHSN Alumni Network consists of graduated medical, nursing and allied health students from all 28 university Rural Health Clubs across Australia. It provides the opportunity for previousNational Rural Health Student Network (NRHSN) members to continue to network with multidisciplinary health professionals with a passion for rural health.

Alumni Steering Committee

The Alumni Steering Committee is made up of:

  • Emily Dalton (nurse)
  • Jasmine banner (doctor)
  • Ilana Jorgensen (nutrition and dietetics)
  • Teena Downton (doctor)

You can contact them anytime on alumni@nrhsn.org.au.

Facebook - join us!

Join the NRHSN Alumni Facebook page to receive up-to-date information relevant for you as an early career professional.


Benefits of Joining

  • Receive & contribute to biannual newsletter
  • Networking opportunities with other alumni members
  • Creating opportunities for members to speak at RHC events
  • Alumni members will be encouraged to host current NRHSN members on placements and become their supervisor

How to Join

Graduated in 2012 or earlier? You are eligible to apply for the NRHSN Alumni!

  1. If you are/were a Rural Health Club member:
    1. Link through to your to your Rural Health Club portal here, and log in
    2. You can join the Alumni through the 'Members Area'
  2. If you don't have a log-in to your Club portal, you can apply here
  3. If you have not been a Rural Health Club member and want to apply, you can do that here...