Rural Background Effect Research

Why does having a rural background increase the likelihood of choosing rural medical practice?

Are you an Australian doctor who:

  • has been practising in a nonmetropolitan area for one year or more?
  • has a rural background (i.e lived in rural areas for more than 5 years consecutively or cumulatively, prior to your medical training)?

If so, the University of Queensland would love to hear from you to assist in the study of why a rural background increases the likelihood of doctors choosing a rural medical career.

Participation simply involves a telephone interview (approx. 30 mins) at a time and place convenient to you.

Please read the Participant Information Sheet for further details.

If you would like to learn more about the research, or are willing to participate, please contact: 

Miss Soe San Htike
Ph: 0406 017 707

Project Supervisors:
Associate Professor Maria Zadoroznyj

Associate Professor Lynda Cheshire

Ethics Officer:
Mr Michael Tse
Ph: 3365 3924

This study is conducted by an honours student from the University of Queensland - School of Social Science. The study has UQ Ethics Approval under the clearance number of HNRS4/2015.