About Us

Adelaide University Rural Health Alliance

  • Adelaide University, Adelaide SA
  • Founded 1993
  • Over 700 members and still growing

We are one of 28 Rural Health Clubs nationally. We aim to promote rural and remote practice to Adelaide University health students through information exchange, placement opportunities, support and advocacy.

We have a multi-disciplinary focus and run a number of activities each year in order to promote rural and remote health careers to health students. These activities provide fun and educational experiences for students, and include trips to rural and remote areas, BBQs, Rural High School Visits, cultural awareness training, Indigenous health nights, Indigenous Community Engagement activities, guest speaker nights, skills evenings, social events and lots more.

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AURHA Committee 2017

President- Amy Noll
Vice President- Anja Hentschke
Secretary- Niamh Noonan
Treasurer- Millie Williams
Sponsorship Officer- Harry Judd

Events coordinators- Mithma Ekanayake, Christine Gan, Zoe Harrison
RHSV coordinators- Glenn Dunbar, Georgina Duncan, Louisa Maney
Teddy Bear Hospital coordinators- Kate Joyce, Adina LaForgia, Juliet Summers
Tri-club coordinators- Ignatius Rudd, Joseph Waugh, Eloise Vaughn
Indigenous event coordinator- Emma Kelly 

Medicine representatives- Abby Moore, Ricky Stocker-Jones, Erin Widdison 
Nursing representative- Madelaine Hunter
Dentistry representatives- Joanna Chang, Vineel Chundur
Oral health representative- Ellie Aragon
Psychology representatives- Brianna Do, Elise Prior