NRHSN Stand Up Meeting

💻Join us 2022 March Stand-up meeting!💻

Our Second NRHSN Stand Up Meeting will be held Wednesday 16 February 2022, at 7pm AEDT (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne).

Your NRSHN Internal Team will be there to address any questions you may have following Council, about your Rural Health Clubs or in general about Rural Health.

During our March Stand-up Meeting on Wednesday 16 March 7pm (AEDT) we will also be doing training on the NRHSN website! This will include how to run your membership reports as well as a brief introduction on how to update your Rural Health Club (RHC) page hosted by the NRHSN. As always everyone is welcome to attend if they have any questions or queries or would like to participate in the training session. This is open to all RHC executive members to attend though may be best suited to whoever looks after your Website and Membership (i.e. Secretary or Website Officer).

Please feel free to drop in for a chat, any time from 7pm until 7:45pm AEDT.

See you there! 🙋‍♀️

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