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2019 KRASH Clinical Placement Scholarship

Congratulations Rosa for being awarded our first KRASH scholarship for 2019! Rosa is a RN student and KRASH member living in Broome who attends placement many miles from home! Heres what she has to say:

I feel very honoured and grateful to your association for choosing me as a recipient of the KRASH clinical placement scholarship.

As a mature aged student who is close to completing a Bachelor of Nursing, I have attended several periods of hospital-based practicum study. I have found that clinical placement can be challenging. Students are expected to learn new skills, consolidate prior learning, and forge new professional relationships, all while working under the pressure of constant scrutiny. Additionally, the student must manage the costs of attending clinical placement and plan for a lack of income during this time. The KRASH scholarship has contributed to the success of my placement by assisting to cover costs associated with my travel and accommodation.

My most recent placement took me away from the Kimberley, to a private hospital in Perth. This was my first experience with private hospital clinical placement. I found it interesting to observe the differences between hospital management, patient expectations, and the clinical team environment – compared to smaller WACHS hospitals where I have previously attended placement. This was just as valuable as any clinical experience I gained.

I was very fortunate to secure accommodation within walking distance of the hospital, so had no problems negotiating traffic or finding parking. I was shocked to hear that some of the nursing staff commute more than 90 minutes each way – every shift. This has confirmed my intention to continue working in a regional or remote setting, where this is hardly ever an issue.

Thank you again for your contribution towards my further education. Your assistance was helpful in covering the costs involved with studying in a remote location. I hope to continue working and living in the Kimberley and so benefit my community in that way.