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2nd National Council Report

Christina and I attended the 2nd NRHSN Council, which was located in South Bank Brisbane. It was a very informative event and feel we have taken away some awesome ways to continue to run a successful club.


Some of our sponsors – AHREN & CRANAplus, were keen for a meet & greet and catch up about how we are progressing and our collaboration with Majarlin. Pamela Jermy, who is the manager of Majarlin, has been a wonderful help in assisting members to attend this year’s Council.


Tanya Lehmann was one of the speakers at Council. She spoke about her great experience while on Placement in Derby many years ago, completing her Dietitian Degree. Today she is the Chair of the National Rural Health Alliance and is passionate about promoting primary health care and education to students in rural and remote settings. Some advice she gave to students was to always aim for bigger and better things and included the VUCA acronym:




  • Vision – To be motivated

  •  Unity – Behaviour and working as a united front

  •    Courage – Being strong willed and to be a part of the culture

  • Agility – Organised systems


Christina gave a short presentation on the progress of KRASH since last council. She included a substantial increase in membership, 3-year budget, Constitution, event held at Broome Careers Expo and the introduction of Placement and Conference scholarships. Another presentation was done by RHAMS (Rural Health Alliance and Medical Society) talked about their Clinical Skills night they held for members, which included guest speakers and certain scenario-based stations with hands on learning.


To be able to network with other clubs and to experience Brisbane city was a privilege. Some of the tourist attractions and skyscrapers were mind boggling and fascinating for us country bumpkins, for example the 5 story Myers shopping complex and the artificial beach/lagoon in the South Bank. The steam buns and sashimi were to die for!


Nic Samson

Merchandise and Membership Officer