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CRANAplus 2019 Scholarship Recipient Report – Submission 8302-0

KRASH understands the difficulties of students living in rural areas and attending national conferences. We have released conference scholarships for members to attend as delegates which boosts health outcomes for the Kimberley region.

Student Nurse Rosa attended the CRANAplus conference sponsored by KRASH and gave us this amazing report:

I would like to thank the committee and any sponsors for offering me financial assistance to attend the CRANAplus 2019 conference in the beautiful Hunter Valley Region in NSW.

The theme for this year’s conference was “ Embracing Diversity to Build Stronger Connections”, and the presentations were indeed diverse.  I heard from speakers who addressed mental health issues for health workers living and working in drought affected areas, dentists involved with domestic violence reporting, improvements in the delivery of culturally safe practice, renal dialysis support for remote areas, safety for health workers working in isolated conditions, and an uplifting account from Paralympian Kurt Fearnley about how his uniqueness has been his driving motivation to succeed.

The exhibition allowed me to connect with recruitment agencies, learn about emerging products and services, as well as examine training opportunities specifically designed for remote nursing.

Continuing Professional Development is a requirement of nursing registration, and living and working remotely makes attendance of these types of conferences problematic.  KRASH made it possible for me to attend the CRANAplus conference during my final year of study, and I am truly appreciative of the contacts I made, and the varied information I was exposed to during this trip.

Thank you KRASH