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Harry goes to Melbourne!

KRASH member and RN student Harry went to Melbourne recently to attend the AUSMED Chronic Disease Conference. He was awarded a KRASH Conference Scholarship which paid for flights, accomodation and registration.

He had a great time and wrote a report sharing his experience:


Thank you KRASH for the opportunity to attend the AUSMED Chronic Disease Conference in Melbourne last month. The conference held significant interest to me as a first-year nursing student living in the Kimberley, acutely aware of the prevalence of chronic disease, particularly within our indigenous population. The KRASH Conference Scholarship allowed me the chance to attend this interstate education event where I obtained further knowledge on chronic diseases and their treatments, as well as communication techniques to engage patients in their own healthcare journey. It has also been a great opportunity to meet new people in different health care fields.

Chronic diseases including Asthma, Heart Disease, COPD, Diabetes and Renal Disease were covered in this 2-day conference. Content included current statistics and the advancements in disease treatment. A topic that particularly drew my attention was motivational and effective communication, exploring ways of providing education and advice in a manner that involves the patient in the healthcare process. Presenter Catherine Wallace-Wilkinson discussed methods to effectively communicate with patients about initiating lifestyle changes and improve self-management and motivation.

This opportunity to attend the AUSMED conference has provided me with a much broader knowledge of chronic disease that will be of value not only in my studies but also during clinical placements and eventual career. I have come away with knowledge, friendship and a stronger desire to learn more in this field of nursing.

I would highly encourage other students passionate about rural and remote health to join KRASH and apply for the conference scholarship.