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KRASH Committee Elections for 2016

Are you passionate about rural health and want to contribute to raising health awareness in your community?

By becoming a member of the KRASH Committee for 2016 you will gain experiences in:

  • Managing budgets.

KRASH receives $12,000 ex GST to be spent on activities such as Rural High School VisitsIndigenous Engagement Activities, holding clinical skills training and social events (as long as has rural health related presentations included).

  • Communications.

By joining the committee you will enhance your communication skills by being required to speak with different stakeholders and community members as well as negotiate with fellow committee members. You will also gain experience in creating promotional material and social media for your events.

  • Travelling to areas around your community.
Rural Health Clubs are encouraged to travel to schools located outside of their local communities to present to students and encourage them to study a health related discipline at tertiary level. RHCs are also encouraged to organise trips to Indigenous Health Centres or Indigenous Community Festivals.
There are many other reasons to not only be involved with KRASH but to also become a member of the Committee for 2016.
Please contact krash@nrhsn.org.au if would like further information or to submit your details to become a Committee member.