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KRASH Placement Scholarship Reflection

KRASH member and student nurse Adam went on Placement recently. He is also a KRASH Placement scholarship recipient. Here is his reflecion piece:

Driving out of Broome after a rather stressful weekend, I hit the road with a massive sense of pride and a lot of nerves. 

Having only ever stopped in Derby for fuel before I was heading into the unknown.  Not knowing what to expect, or what was even there, I was heading towards my very first instalment of clinical placement as a student Enrolled Nurse with Notre Dame which was partially funded by KRASH through a generous scholarship.

Whilst on placement I was able to practice the theory components I had been learning throughout my first semester of the Diploma of Nursing HLT54115.  I was lucky enough to be placed at Juniper Nubala Nunga in Derby which was an amazing aged care facility there.  I was a massive fish out of water on my first shift but on my next day I was a new person.  The staff were very welcoming and I was definitely made to feel welcome and one of the team.

I was very fortunate to meet some amazing people on my placement, staff and residents collectively, and made some amazing new friends along the way.  It was very hard to say goodbye at the end and tears were shed by some residents and myself.

I would like to say a very big thank you to KRASH for the scholarship I received and I found them to be very professional and helpful.  The money I received came in very handy I most certainly needed it’.