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Placement Scholarship Reflection

This year KRASH has had the opportunity to arrange placement scholarships for eligible members. Here’s what Student Nurse Deb had to say about her recent placement in the Kimberley:

‘As a grateful recipient of the KRASH Placement Scholarship, I am writing to provide a report on my recent aged care placement and how this scholarship assisted me to complete it.

This was the first of three clinical placements I will need to complete during my Diploma of Nursing studies and was for the duration of two weeks.

My first few days I unfortunately found to be quite a struggle. I found it very difficult to get myself involved in the daily duties as many of the staff had never had students before. Because of this, I found myself becoming very anxious that I would not get signed off on many of my competencies and began to stress that I would have to repeat my placement. Thinking of the logistical difficulties and the costs involved in me attending this placement also increased my anxiety as the thought of having to do it all again was quite concerning.

Thankfully, after discussing my concerns with my clinical facilitator and being provided with some helpful tips on how to approach staff and involve myself in activities, I soon found myself being a part of the team and getting signed off on what I needed to achieve. Also, knowing this scholarship had assisted to cover a large portion of my costs helped me to feel a little more at ease and I could focus more on enjoying the experience rather than worrying about the costs involved to get there.

I was also grateful for this scholarship as it meant I was able to put aside a small amount of funds to attend community events such as the markets where I met some of the locals and made some great connections which will assist me during future placements in the Kimberley.