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The National Rural Health Student Network (NRHSN) is join Australia’s only multi-disciplinary student health network and has more than 9,000 members who belong to 28 university Rural Health Clubs from all states and territories. It brings together people studying medicine, nursing and allied health and encourages them to pursue careers in rural health.

Benefits of joining your Rural Health Club

Joining you Rural Health Club (RHC) has a number of benefits for you:

  • Participate in positive rural experiences through activities such as Rural High School VisitsIndigenous Community Engagement Activities and rural appreciation weekends
  • Meet and network with other students from your University, not just your class, through various social activities
  • Access to clinical skills experience through workshops run by your RHC
  • Gather insights from a range of guest speakers
  • Volunteer for committees and activities at your RHC

Each RHC organises its own activities so the benefits for you will be broad and varied.

Benefits of joining the NRHSN

Through your RHC membership, you also become a member of the NRHSN.

Benefits you can access to by being a member of the NRHSN include:

  • Networking with students from across Australia and across disciplines
  • Gaining a national perspective of the health landscape and career pathways
  • Access to various resources including the student mental health guide 'When the Cowpat Hits the Windmill', monthly enewsletters and rural placement resources such as the Rural Placements Guide and the UDRH Placement Guide
  • Volunteer opportunities for committees and activities with the NRHSN
  • Continuation of connection once you have graduated through the NRHSN Alumni

The NRHSN also advocates for health students and rural communities on a national level through the development of guidelines, position papers and regular meetings with Federal government.  

Become a member of your RHC

Find your local RHC and become a member today to access all of these exciting benefits and opportunities on your path to becoming a rural health professional.