Health care and health technology support for Parkinsons sufferers

Cooee August 2016 Feature Article re health technology helping Parkinsons III

Parkinson’s Australia is the national peak body representing Australian’s living with Parkinson’s. There are state based bodies throughout Australia also.

It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to managing Parkinson’s, reflecting world’s best practice.

Parkinson’s Victoria has a health information and education service, which is a multidiscipline service offering a 1800 information line (1800 644 189) that supports over 65 peer support groups and delivers health professionals with ongoing education in a range of settings.

The health information and education service can also be used as a resource for health professionals and can:

  • Help trouble shoot complex clinical situations
  • Provide information on where to find local services
  • Provide resources which you can use to inform your patients about Parkinson’s and its symptoms

The professionals in the team understand Parkinson’s can be a complex and easily misunderstood condition, and are always happy to answer any question!

Services differ between states, to get further information call 1800 644 189 or go to, to connect to your local organisation.   

Health technology - recording the symptoms of Parkinson’s – the Parkinson’s KinetiGraph

Recording of movement can now be achieved through wearable technology. Developed by researchers at the Florey Institute in Melbourne, the Parkinson’s KinetiGraph™ (PKG™) uses a wrist-worn data logger to record motor complications associated with Parkinson’s, and how these fluctuate through the day.

The recording is done over a 6-day period while the patient goes about their daily activity and includes a programmed levodopa medication reminder.

The information collected is provided to the clinician in a PKG™ report and can assist in symptom measurement and therapy optimisation.

For more information on the PKG™, please go to