Prepare now for your handover

Prepare now for your handover - and the future of your Rural Health Club will be looking great!

Here are some tips and prompts to help with your preparation for handover:

  • Set your Annual General Meeting (AGM) and 2017 Committee elections dates and advertise the application process and timeline early
  • Use your AGM as a promotional event to highlight all the fantastic work your RHC has done over the year. Invite key stakeholders to attend and turn it into a networking opportunity.
  • Start talking to members about 2017 Committee roles now to ensure you have lots of great candidates applying who understand the roles
  • Review your Constitution to ensure it is up to date and to ensure you know the requirements for elections
  • Review your Committee structure and ensure it is still relevant to the functions of your RHC
  • Review your Policies and Procedures documentation to ensure they are up to date and to ensure your RHC has appropriate processes to help you achieve your goals
  • Review your Financial Processes documentation to ensure your RHCs financial processes are clear and the incoming Committee members can easily understand them. This documentation will include the Universities processes.
  • Set up a meeting with the University for early 2017 or during your handover period so that the 2017 Committee is clear on support levels and processes
  • Review the NRHSN Member Manual to ensure your RHC policies, procedures, documentation align appropriately
  • Start to plan events for 2017 – some RHC events require early bookings or engagement with stakeholders, so make sure you coordinate these early
  • Start a handover document at the start of the year and keep adding to your handover notes throughout so that you don’t have to try and remember everything at the end of your term
  • Set a handover face to face meeting and agenda to ensure you talk through all of the important points with the incoming Committee