Executive Committee update November 2016

Cooee November 2016 committee update

Photo: Joshua Mortimer, 2016 Vice Chair, National Rural Health Student Network meeting with Assistant Minister for Rural Health, Dr David Gillespie

NRHSN Program Review

The Department of Health is undertaking a review of the current arrangements for supporting the activities of the National Rural Health Student network (NRHSN) and Rural Health Clubs (RHCs).

All Rural Health Club Presidents received an email (28/10/2016) from Mr Damian Tuck, Assistant Secretary, Health Training Branch, Health Workforce Division, Department of Health regarding the review process. All RHCs have now submitted their responses and we await to hear from the Department of Health during December 2016 regarding the outcome of the review.

2017 NRHSN Executive Committee

Thank you to those that submitted votes for the 2017 NRHSN Executive Committee elections.

Please find below the elected 2017 NRHSN Executive Committee.

  • Chair – William Moorhead, University of Queensland, QLD, TROHPIQ Rural Health Club
  • Vice Chair – Ben Dodds, University of Tasmania, TAS, RUSTICA Rural Health Club
  • Secretary – Carolyn Reimann, James Cook University, QLD, RHINO Rural Health Club
  • Allied Health Officer – Molly Wrench, Curtin University, WA, WAALHIIBE Rural Health Club
  • Community and Advocacy Officer – Dylan Wintershaw, Charles Sturt University, NSW, WARRIAHS Rural Health Club
  • Indigenous Health Officer – Kelly Langford, University of Western Australia, WA, SPINRPHEX Rural Health Club
  • Medical Officer – Digby Allen, University of New South Wales, NSW, RAHMS Rural Health Club
  • Nursing and Midwifery Officer – Danni-Lee Dean, University of Notre Dame, WA, SPINRPHEX Rural Health Club

We congratulate the 2017 elected committee and look forward to their leadership in rural health.

Handover from the 2016 committee to the 2017 committee will occur during January 2017.

Farewell and thank you from the 2016 Executive Committee

To the NRHSN Council, we thank you for your tireless efforts this year. The NRHSN continues to evolve and improve with each passing year, and the Network simply would not be what it is today without the work of everyone involved.

It has been a wonderful year of outstanding achievements for our Rural Health Clubs, including, but of course not limited to:

  • Delivering health career messages to rural high schools across Australia
  • Engaging with Indigenous communities
  • Innovative and inspiring local and inter-club events
  • Engagement and collaboration between the Council and National Executive on matters including the 2016 NRHSN Business Plan priorities and the current Department of Health’s NRHSN program review, which will see the Network evolve to help meet Australia’s future rural health needs
  • Engaging your local stakeholders such as training providers, universities, colleges, future employers, PHNs, Rural Workforce Agencies
  • Professional, leadership, clinical skills development
  • Providing rural health career pathway information to your members and engaging them in how they can make a difference in improving outcomes for rural communities

As the National Executive, it has been an honour to represent the NRHSN’s 28 Rural Health Clubs and an absolute pleasure to advocate on behalf of you through our 2016 Business Plan priorities and share with our national stakeholders the amazing activities and events that our Rural Health Clubs around Australia have delivered.

Congratulations to the incoming 2017 NRHSN Executive Committee and Rural Health Club representatives!

And to those who are finishing their roles this year, we thank you and hope that you never lose your passion for making a difference. We wish you all the best as you continue to grow and discover all that a career in rural health has to offer.

Signing off for the last time,

The 2016 NRHSN Executive Committee


What have we been up to?

  • 19 October – the NRHSN was represented at the John Flynn Placement Program’s National Advisory Committee
  • 20-22 October – Rural Medicine Australia Conference - Rebecca Irwin, Chair, NRHSN presented on how to organise a rural placement. Joshua Mortimer, Vice Chair, NRHSN presented on ‘Are all rural placements created equal? A national study of rural placement experiences and impact amongst multidisciplinary health student members of the NRHSN’. The NRHSN also presented a poster on ‘the innovative health care system the future rural and remote medical workforce wants to work in’
  • 25-27 October – Danni-Lee Dean, Nursing and Midwifery Officer, NRHSN presented on ‘Innovative health models supporting future delivery of rural mental healthcare’ at the Mental Health Nursing Conference
  • 26-28 October - William Moorhead, NRHSN Community and Advocacy Officer presented on ‘Inspiring tomorrow’s health leaders to innovate rural health service models’ at the Australian College of Health Service Management Conference
  • 27 October - NRHSN Vice Chair, Joshua Mortimer, met with Assistant Minister for Rural Health, Dr David Gillespie and spoke about the evolving and innovative role the NRHSN and our Rural Health Clubs can play in realising broader rural workforce strategies and the development of passionate future rural health leaders 
  • 27-29 October – The NRHSN presented on ‘Inspiring tomorrow’s health leaders to innovate rural health service models’ at the SARRAH conference
  • 5 November – the NRHSN presented at the General Practice Student Network Council Meeting
  • 6-7 November – Danielle Dries, Indigenous Health Officer, NRHSN attended the CATSINaM Conference
  • 8-10 November – Danielle Dries, Indigenous Health Officer, NRHSN presented on ‘Creating the next generation of culturally competent health professionals’ at the Lowitja Institute Indigenous Health Conference
  • 16 November - Rebecca Irwin, Chair, NRHSN attended the Assistant Minister for Rural Health’s Rural Health Stakeholder Roundtable Meeting
  • 20-22 November – Blair Burke, Medical Officer, NRHSN attended the National Rural Health Alliance CouncilFest
  • 30 November - Rebecca Irwin, Chair, NRHSN attended the Royal Australian College of Physicians Capacity to Train meeting

Let us know!

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any comments, questions or feedback you can contact us on executivecommittee@nrhsn.org.au:


Rebecca Irwin


Community and Advocacy Officer

William Moorhead

Vice Chair

Joshua Mortimer


Indigenous Health Officer

Danielle Dries


Gabriela Kelly


Medical Officer

Blair Burke

Allied Health Officer

Ankur Verma


Nursing and Midwifery Officer

Danni-Lee Dean











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