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Executive Committee update

NRHSN Council F2F pic for Exec Update Cooee! Feb 16

We’re turning 21!

Welcome to the first edition of the NRHSN Cooee! eNewsletter for 2016.

In 2016 we’re excited to celebrate our 21st Birthday since our beginning in 1995.

NRHSN 21st celebrations in 2016 will include:

  • A national celebration - acknowledging our achievements and looking at what rural healthcare might look like in the next 21 years
  • Local Rural Health Club celebratory events - looking at local health innovations and future healthcare models
  • Rural health innovation ambassadors – we will showcase some of our NRHSN Alumni throughout the year for you to see how bright the future looks for you as future rural health leaders and innovators

Keep an eye out for your local Rural Health Club NRHSN 21st celebration and make sure you get involved!


Tech boost for health access

Eyenaemia Cooee February 2016

Technology is changing the face of health delivery across the planet.

The United Nations recognised this in November 2015 when it appointed former Australian High Court judge Michael Kirby to a high level panel on health technologies.

The panel will make recommendations for how health technology innovation can be balanced with access for all, “so that no one is left behind in the pursuit of a healthy and productive life”.

This has particular resonance in Australia where gaps in workforce and vast distances are perennial challenges to accessible healthcare. Read more..

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Where could NRHSN conference funding take you in 2016?

NRHSN Bernadette Carey at Uluru for Cooee! Feb 2016

NRHSN conference funding is a great way for you to be able attend a conference where you will be able to network and gain great experience and knowledge to support you on your rural health career pathway. Nursing student Bernadette Carey went to Central Australia in 2015 for the CRANAplus conference. Where could CoNS funding take you in 2016? Read more...

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