Increase your rural experience opportunities

Increase your rural experience opportunities

Cooee July 2016 Member Benefit RHINO RHSV in Abergowie Photo: RHINO members attending a RHSV in Abergowrie, QLD

Rural High School Visits are the perfect opportunity for you to:

  • Increase your knowledge of rural health and health care models
  • Increase your knowledge of rural communities
  • Increase your rural health care skills
  • Increase your connections with rural health practitioners and potential future employers
  • Increase your leadership and communication skills.

Not only do rural high school visits provide you with many professional development opportunities, but they also provide you with a fun opportunity to engage with your fellow Rural Health Club members.

They are a great opportunity to experience different rural communities, health care settings and build links with health practitioners and potential employers, to help you as you think about where you would like to train and work once graduated.

You will inspire students who might not believe they have the capacity or ability to attend tertiary education in the “big smoke”. This opens up the opportunity of potentially changing the direction in life of students you meet.

So contact your Rural Health Club to see when your next rural high school visit is so that you can join in and make the most of the opportunities available to you as a Rural Health Club member.

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