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Supporting your rural placements

Cooee October 2016 Member Benefit Rural Placement

Rural placements are an integral part of your rural health pathway. Here are a few resources that we have collaborated with the rural training sector on to ensure you get the most out of these placements.

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Fun tech and health

Cooee October 2016 Feature Article Fun tech

Technology is changing the way we imagine healthcare – and now it seems we can have some fun along the way as well.

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Executive Update

Cooee October 2016 Executive Update II

In this update:

  • We have received fantastic applications for the 2017 Executive Committee. Check your emails and vote now for your 2017 rural health leaders!
  • The NRHSN has collaborated with CRANAplus to deliver the CRANAplus Remote Emergency Care (REC) Course for Rural Health Club members in 2016. Applications are now open.
  • William Moorhead, NRHSN Community and Advocacy Officer advocated for ‘the innovative health care system we want to work in’ at GP16, the RACGP Conference for General Practice.

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