Executive Committee update - November 2015

Introducing the 2016 Executive Committee 

We are pleased to announce the 2016 Executive Committee.

  • Chair - Rebecca Irwin
  • Vice Chair - Joshua Mortimer
  • Secretary - Gabriela Kelly
  • Allied Health Officer - Ankur Verma
  • Community and Advocacy Officer - William Moorehead
  • Indigenous Health Officer - Danielle Dries
  • Medical Officer - Blair Burke
  • Nursing and Midwifery Officer - Danni-Lee Dean

Please have a look at the 2016 NRHSN Executive Committee bios to get to know your 2016 Committee.

Handover from the 2015 Executive Committee to the incoming 2016 Committee will occur in December along with planning 2016's priorities and Business Plan. 

Thank you all again for the fantastic activities that you and your Rural Health Clubs have achieved in 2015 for rural health. We hope that you have had another great year finding out all that rural health has to offer for your future careers and adventures. It's been a pleasure shaping and driving the 2015 NRHSN priorities in order to improve health outcomes for rural and remote Australians.

All the best from the 2015 Executive Committee!

David Khoo, Rebecca Irwin, Natalie Kew, Ankur Verma, Joshua Mortimer, Jessica Leon, Danielle Dries and Felix Ho

Position Papers

Thank you to all Rural Health Clubs and members that voted to endorse the following NRHSN Position Papers.

  • Quality Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health curriculum (new)
  • Bonded Schemes (updated)
  • Extended scopes of practice, emerging health professions and rural training pathways (updated)

They can now all be found on the NRHSN website.

What else has the NRHSN Executive Committee been up to?

  • 10-11 October – Represented at the General Practice Student Network (GPSN) Council Meeting
  • 11-14 October – Represented at the SARRAH Summit
  • 14 October – Represented at the Rural Health Education program (RHCE2) knowledge transfer roundtable
  • 15-17 October – Presented on Rural High School Visits at the CRANAplus Conference
  • 21 October – Represented at the John Flynn Placement Program National Advisory Committee Meeting
  • 22-24 October – Presented on Rural High School Visits, Bonded Schemes (Poster) and Physician Assistants (Poster) at the Rural Medicine Australia Conference
  • 26-28 October – Represented at the Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium
  • 29-31 October – Presented on NRHSN and Rural Health Clubs at the Provincial Surgeons of Australia Annual Scientific Conference in Lismore
  • 9-11 November – Presented on Bonded Schemes (Poster) and Physician Assistants (Poster) at National Allied Health Conference

What’s coming up:

  • 19-21 November – Presenting at Future Health Leaders (FHL) Conference and attending FHL Stakeholder Meeting
  • 26 November – Representation at SARRAH Advisory Committee 
  • 1-2 December – Representation at the Indigenous Allied Health Australia Conference
  • 4-6 December – CRANAplus Remote Emergency Care Course for NRHSN members

Let us know!

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any comments, questions or feedback you can contact us at any time:

Chair Rebecca Irwin   Community and Advocacy Officer William Moorehead
Vice Chair Joshua Mortimer   Indigenous Health Officer Danielle Dries
Secretary Gabriela Kelly   Medical Officer Blair Burke
Allied Health Officer Ankur Verma   Nursing Officer Danni-Lee Dean










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