Have your say - Vote for your 2020 NRHSN Executive Committee

Voting is now open for the 2020 NRHSN Executive Committee!

Voting will be in accordance with the NRHSN Member Manual.

2020 NRHSN Executive Committee nominations

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Claudia Mallory

Elodie Honore

Junaid Panhwar

Allied Health Officer

Jenny Chen

Kate Thomson

Nathan Garrawurra

Community and Advocacy Officer

Jocelyn Ledger

Junaid Panhwar

Skylar Alucia

Tendai Miller

Vidhushan Paheerathan

Indigenous Health Officer

Rachel Pugh

Skylar Alucia

If you are part of the 2019 NRHSN Council, please submit your vote here.

If you are a General NRHSN Member, please submit your vote here.

Voting closes 5pm AEST Sunday 20 October 2019.


2019 Exec Committee


Please contact us on executivecommittee@nrhsn.org.au or info@nrhsn.org.au if you have any further questions.