Welcome to HOPE4HEALTH

H4H aims to improve health outcomes for rural, indigenous, local and international communities. We achieve our goals by organising activities for our members including rural clinical skills trips, rural high school visits, teddy bear hospitals, guest speaker seminars, and much more. Read more

"Being a member of H4H not only provides a platform for us to build on our clinical knowledge but equips with a unique skill-set to master the demands and complexities of rural medicine. The experience provided by H4H has been invaluable, highlighting the health needs of regional Australians and in doing so, setting us in good stead for our clinical years and future practice." - Holly Barbagallo

"Joining Hope4Health has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since beginning medical school. Being part of a rural health club means that I can not only learn more about healthcare in the rural setting, but also give back to these communities. I have been fortunate enough to participate in a clinical skills trip where we travelled to rural areas to gain hands-on practical experience. Through the outreach educational program Teddy Bear Hospital in Cherbourg, I was able to help promote healthy lifestyle habits at the local primary school. I’m really appreciative to be involved in these projects with such a passionate team from Hope4Health." - Alexandra Radke