Committee and Admin Resources

2019 NRHSN Business Plan

2019 Business Plan front page

The NRHSN Executive Committee are proud to share with you their 2019 NRHSN Business Plan setting out the priorities and activities for the network for the year.



Travel Policy

Travel Policy front cover

The NRHSN Travel Policy enables students to travel safely and securely when attending a NRHSN funded event. The Policy must be adhered to and understanding of the policy acknowledged prior to travelling to a NRHSN funded event.



Website and Database User Guide

Website and Database User Guide front coverThe NRHSN Website and Database User Guide provides an overview of the main areas of functionality for a Rural Health Club (RHC) website and database administrator. Only RHC committee members who have signed a confidentiality agreement and been granted administrator access by RDN staff should access RHC content and data.

Please contact if you would like to set up some training regarding the website and database.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy front coverThe NRHSN Privacy Policy discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices of the NRHSN. As a RHC Committee member it is important for you to be familiar with this policy so that you manage your RHC membership data in accordance.



Image Consent Form

Image Consent form front pageThe NRHSN require image consent forms to be completed by anyone having their image captured - photo or video. Without this consent, RHCs and the NRHSN are not able to use or publish the photos or videos.

A copy of the signed image consent form must be either kept with the RHC and/ or forwarded to with the imagery.

With the completed image consent form being obtained, the photos or videos may be used by RHCs and NRHSN and its affiliates in publications, brochures, internet sites, social media and general media to promote NRHSN related programs and activities.

Children in photos/ video

RHCs and the NRHSN are required to obtain parent/ guardian or teacher consent for children under 18 years of age to be photographed or filmed. This entails completing the NRHSN image consent form or to request written consent from the event organisers where applicable. Without this consent, the RHCs and NRHSN are not able to use or publish any photos or video. A copy of this signed image consent form must be kept by the RHC and/or forwarded to with the photos/videos.

Promotional Banner

Sample RHC Banner


If you would like to order a co-branded NRHSN and RHC banner, please send an email to with your quantity and specifications.