General Member Resources

NRHSN Member Manual

NRHSN Member Manual Front Page

The NRHSN Member Manual is an important document for you to read and be familiar with. The document summarises the structure of the NRHSN and Executive Committee and outlines how to run a successful Rural Health Club (RHC).


Travel Policy

Travel Policy front cover

The NRHSN Travel Policy enables students to travel safely and securely when attending a NRHSN funded event. The Policy must be adhered to and understanding of the policy acknowledged prior to travelling to a NRHSN funded event.


Website and Database Confidentiality Agreement

NRHSN Website Confidentiality Agreement Front Page

If you are a RHC committee member and require administrator access to your RHC's website/database, then you need to fill in the required information and sign this Confidentiality Agreement prior to being granted access.