About Us

MIRAGE is the University of Sydney's Rural Health Club, and proud to be one of 28 Rural Health Clubs (RHC) nationwide! Like all RHCs, MIRAGE aims to promote rural and remote practice to our members through information exchange, placement opportunities, support and advocacy. With 1000+ members, we're mixing it with our rural-based RHC mates in forming one of the largest clubs in the country.

Our members

MIRAGE stands for Multidisciplinary Interest in Rural and General Education and, as our name suggests, we have a strong multi-disciplinary focus with our club membership drawing from a range of disciplines including: medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, dentistry and oral health, nutrition & dietetics, radiography, psychology, social work and much more! As well as three main Sydney campuses, MIRAGE also supports members in the rural towns of Lismore, Orange, Dubbo and Broken Hill.

What do we do?

We run a number of activities each year in order to promote rural and remote health careers to our members. Our activities provide fun and educational experiences for students and include; our annual Welcome Drinks, Rural Health Night and Indigenous Health Forum as well as discipline-specific BBQ's and communitiy activites like Rural High School Visits and Indigenous Community Engagement activities plus much more...

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