NERCHA at Wellfair day

As the New England Rural club for health Alliance's new committee for 2016, we've just had our first event and what a fantastic event it was! With a stall at Wellfair day, we were out in the Armidale sun putting casts on arms, taking blood pressures and getting the wonderful opportunity to promote NERCHA.

We got to meet so many lovely students, and the enthusiasm for rural health we encountered was sensational. The aim of our club is to foster an interest in rural health and excite present and future health students about the amazing opportunities that come with working in rural or remote areas. As a branch of NRHSN we consist of passionate students from all areas of health, with members from Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Exercise and Sports Science, Biomedicine, Social work and Psychology.

Membership is open to all health students, so why not join up? We have heaps of great events throughout the year, open to all. We also have tremendous scholarships and learning opportunities on offer any of our members. So if you're interested in rural health and keen to meet like-minded students come check us out! We're super easy to find on Facebook, Just search for NERCHA; we're the ones in the purple!

Wellfair Day