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2021 Indigenous Health Webinar Series

Welcome to the Indigenous Health Webinar Series

  • Wednesday 1 September, 7 – 8pm AEST
  • Wednesday 15 September, 7 – 8pm AEST
  • Wednesday 29 September, 7 – 8pm AEST

Interested in Indigenous healthcare? Are you a medical/nursing/health student? Simply stuck in lockdown and looking for something to inspire you? Join the NRHSN for our Indigenous Health Webinar Series aimed at addressing some major issues affecting First Nations Australians.

Co-hosted with Ms Nicole Turner, a proud Kamilaroi woman with a wealth of experience within the healthcare sector; this series will cover a wide range of topics including defining what the health gap is and how it came about, preparing students for work in placements with Indigenous Australians, the link between education and healthcare, and how you as students can be a part of making a difference.

Grab a blanket, a nice hot beverage, and maybe even dinner and join us for what promises to be in intimate and enlightening evening.

The series will run from 1 September to 29 September with a new episode every two weeks. Once you have registered you will automatically gain access to all webinars in the series. The series will be:

Episode 1 – Defining the gap, addressing the disparity

Wednesday 1 September, 7 – 8pm AEST

Episode 2 – The link between health and education

Wednesday 15 September, 7 – 8pm AEST

Episode 3 – Preparing students for placements with Indigenous Australians and empowering Indigenous communities

Wednesday 29 September, 7 – 8pm AEST

Meet our co-host, Ms Nicole Turner

Nicole Turner is a proud Kamilaroi woman. She is one of a handful of Aboriginal Community Nutritionists in Australia after completing her studies in the Bachelor of Applied Science (Community Nutrition). Nicole is the current Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) Chairperson and has been on the Board for six years showing leadership across the allied health and broader health sector while also holding a full-time position with the NSW Rural Doctor’s Network as the Aboriginal Workforce Engagement Manager.

Nicole has worked in the health sector for over 20 years and in Aboriginal health for over 15 years. She was an Aboriginal Health worker and enrolled nurse before becoming a nutritionist while also serving as an Adjunct Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at the university of Canberra. She has also published several research papers in international journals.

Nicole’s passion is nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle and she believes we need to educate and give knowledge to our people about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and prevention of chronic diseases. She enjoys empowering other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to join the allied health workforce to and encouraging young people to finish school and follow their dreams.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Please register for your ticket to the Indigenous Health Webinar Series

Please contact info@nrhsn.org.au if you have any questions.