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Indigenous Health Webinar Series – Sessions

Welcome to the sessions portal.

Here you will find the links for each sepisode, a place to submit questions before the episode begins and additional information about each episode.

Up next…

Episode 3 – Preparing students for placements with Indigenous Australians and empowering Indigenous communities

Wednesday 29 September, 7 – 8pm AEST. Please enter the zoom to join the episode.

In our third episode we will cover the role of the student. We will look at how to prepare for placement within Community, the key questions to ask and what to know before coming to Country as well as the role and impact of Aboriginal Medical Service. Additionally we will cover how students can be a part of making a difference and the importance of empowerment and a strength-based approach.

Do you have any questions you would like to submit before the sessions begin? Use the embedded survey below to submit them.

Episode 1 – Defining the gap, addressing the disparity

Wednesday 1 September, 7 – 8pm AEST – Completed

Our first episode will cover the origin of the disparity in health and the impact of social determinants of health. We will also look at the impact of lifestyle and availability of resources on Indigenous Health.

Episode 2 – The link between health and education

Wednesday 15 September, 7 – 8pm AEST. Completed.

Our second episode in the series will focus on the link between healthcare and education; the interplay between them and key areas moving forward.