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Have your say – Vote for your 2022 NRHSN Executive Committee

2022 NRHSN Executive Committee nominations

Applications for the 2022 Executive Committee have now closed.

As per the NRHSN Member Manual, the Executive Committee have accepted the following applicants for the 2022 Executive Committee as the only applicant for their positions.

Position Application
Nursing and Midwifery Officer Jordan Thomas
Indigenous Health Officer Emily Thomson

The remaining open positions have had several applications and as such the NRHSN Council and General Members are now asked to vote for the candidate they believe to be best suited to the position.

The nominees for each position can be found below, please click on their name to view their application.

Position Application
Community and Advocacy Officer Leon Latt

Lauren Zawal

Brooke Mackie

Natasha Polzin

Sponsorship and Publications Officer Anna Ryan

Lauren Zawal

Christina Ohis

Social Media Officer Anna Ryan

Pheobe Devereaux

Ah Dam Jeon

Nihal Dey

Brooke Mackie

Natasha Polzin

Michelle Luk

The NRHSN Council and General Member votes must be taken separately so before you cast your vote please ensure you click the correct link corresponding to your position.

If you are unsure of your position or where you should vote please consult the NRHSN 2022 Executive Committee Application Process document or the NRHSN Member Manual.

If you are part of the 2021 NRHSN Council, please submit your vote here.

If you are a General NRHSN Member, please submit your vote here.

Voting closes 5pm AEDT Sunday 7 November 2021

2021 Executive Committee

Please contact us on executivecommittee@nrhsn.org.au or info@nrhsn.org.au if you have any further questions.