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NRHSN Executive Committee 2021 – Nominations now open

Are you the next student leader of rural health?

Nominations are now open for the following positions for the 2021 NRHSN Executive Committee:

Nominations close 5pm AEST 7 August 2020.

For full details of each position description and how to apply please read the 2021 NRHSN Executive Committee application process document. More insight into each role from the current 2020 Executive Committee can be found here.

In accordance with the NRHSN Member Manual, the following 2020 NRHSN Executive Committee member has elected to fulfil a second term in 2021 in the following position:

  • Jocelyn Ledger – Chair


Please contact us at executivecommittee@nrhsn.org.au if you would like to discuss any of the positions or the nomination process.