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Our O Week Publication

Welcome on campus!
Over 9,000 students from rural health clubs at universities across Australia are members of the National Rural Health Student Network.
It is Australia’s only multi-disciplinary student health network, bringing together students studying medical, nursing, and allied health with the goal of encouraging them to seek careers in rural health.
Meet the our 2022 Team:
2022 NRHSN Executive​
  • Chair​: Jean-Baptiste (JB) Philibert​
  • Vice Chair External​: Maddy Brown​
  • Vice Chair Internal​: Nicola Murphy​
  • Vice Chair Operations​: Baneen Alrubayi​
2022 NRHSN Officers​
  • Medical​: Debra Lee​
  • Nursing & Midwifery​: Jordan Thomas​
  • Allied Health​: Hayley Johns​
  • Community & Advocacy: Natasha Polzin​
  • Social Media​: Ellen Jeon​
  • Indigenous​: Emily Thomson​
  • Sponsorship & Publications​: Anna Ryan​
Our Key Events:
Each year, we assist our Rural Health Clubs (RHCs) in conducting a variety of activities, such as Indigenous Health advocacy events and Rural High School Visits.
Get Involved:
Each year, several of our Officers work on research projects to help and encourage rural health students, such as Careers Guides, personal experiences, and the YouTube series Rural High School Visits!
You can participate in these projects through our website and additional requests for input through surveys throughout the year.
Register as an NRHSN member through our website here!