Mental health guide - When the cowpat hits the windmill

Mental health guide: When the cowpat hits the windmill

The NRHSN’s new, improved mental health guide is here!

‘When the Cowpat Hits the Windmill’ is written by students for students and was last updated in June 2019.

This special publication focuses on how to stay mentally fit while on placement or working rurally.

It contains tips on ways to maintain good mental health, how to adjust to life in a new town and a helpful checklist when preparing to go on placement.

There is also a comprehensive list of contacts for national helplines and university support services.

Download a copy of When the Cowpat Hit the Windmill

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Mental health guide links

The Mental Health Guide 'When the cowpat hits the windmill' lists contact details for national and State and Territory help lines and mental health services which may help you get through some rough times.  If you don't have your copy of the Guide with you, here are a few links: