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Indigenous Community Engagement Activities

The National Rural Health Student Network (NRHSN) Indigenous Community Engagement Activity program provides opportunities for Rural Health Club (RHC) students to play a role in improving the health and education of rural communities. Research has shown that students with a rural background are more likely to go rural when they are qualified.


The aims of the Indigenous Community Engagement Activities program are to:

  • Inspire Indigenous rural students to pursue health careers.
  • Increase your knowledge of rural community health.
  • Gain skills in working in a rural community.
  • Gain further connections with rural health workers and communities.
  • Gain positive rural experiences.


Indigenous Community Engagement Activities could include:

  • Attendance at Indigenous Family Days.
  • Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through youth clubs, Indigenous Community Health Services or other organisations.
  • Indigenous Community Festivals.
  • Assisting schools with a predominantly Indigenous student population with a series of health workshops including healthy eating, skills based sessions and highlighting health careers as options for future study.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Guides

Last updated: December 24, 2021

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