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Why should I consider rural placement?

Rural and remote placements are an opportunity to expand your skills, experience different communities and broaden your horizons.

They can enhance your professional development and confidence through:

  • hands on learning in varied and sometimes challenging environments
  • team-based, innovative approaches to patient care
  • opportunity for greater autonomy and responsibility.

The social side of rural health has an added bonus. Meeting new people in professional and social settings can lead to lifelong friendships, mentorships and working relationships.

By embracing a community and learning about its health needs, you will discover how your chosen path of study can make a difference later on in your career.

Rural and remote placements can also introduce you to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Listen, observe and understand more about Indigenous culture if you are fortunate enough to have the chance to do so.

This guide is designed to help you make the most of these experiences. It offers a number of tips from others who have gone before you about how to plan, prepare and enjoy your placement.

Make sure you check out our handy fridge magnets and checklists for placements. The NRHSN also has a mental health guide “When the Cowpat Hits the Windmill” for rural placements which complements this guide.

So, what are you waiting for? Go rural!

Last updated: December 24, 2021