Rural High School Visit Road Trip (Mt Isa-Townsville)

G'day folks,

We as a club realised how much of a beaut bit of land we’ve got out between Townsville and the big lights out west, in Mt. Isa and thought we should GO VISIT every high school in between!

DATES: October 5-6, 2016

Well have one group from Mt Isa and surrounding areas heading east, and another group starting in Townsville heading west. All up we’ll see six high schools in total, over a quick two days!

It'll be jam packed with Interactive learning activities for the kids and if you play your cards right, you might just be lucky enough to see some sites whilst we out in desert regions of Lucky Country!

It ain't gonna cost you big bikkies to come check out the outback and the young Banana-Benders who live out this way. But we ain't gonna make you hoof it, we will be providing transport so you’ll only be needin’ to provide about $5-$15 bucks towards the transport hire and fuel. And all you have to do is bring some cut lunch or maybe some moolah for you to buy your tucker on the road, (snacks will be provided). Just make sure you don’t, ‘open your lunch’ whilst in the car, cause that’ll cause someone to cark it then, and we’ll be kicking you out quick smart if that happens and leaving you to fight against the Bunyip.

Spots are limited so send me one of those online message things, no postie required, but send the bloody thing to Helena at to show her you are keen, and I’ll be stuffed if Helena doesn’t hear back from a lot of you! Then before you know it, you'll be on the Bee’s Knees of this country, goin' out whoop whoop and seeing what only a few of you health students ever get to see during your placements!

Go Rural and Go Explore the North-West!