About Us

Rural Health Union of Western Sydney

RHUWS is the multidisciplinary student group at the University of Western Sydney that connects you with rural health. Our aim is to give you a feel for what working in rural and remote community is all about. At the same time, we aim to engage people living in rural and remote areas and educate them about how to get involved in a health career.

Of course, being a student club, we hold social events to make sure you meet other like-minded students at your uni and have a good time while you're at it!

Some of the opportunities and activities we provide are:

  • Rural High School Visits to educate school students about healthcare career pathways
  • Listen to speakers who have worked in rural and remote healthcare
  • BBQs
  • Skills evenings
  • Rural health-related scholarships opportunities
  • Rural placement career opportunities
  • Conferences, including NURHC
  • Networking opportunites, both within UWS and with rural health clubs from other unis
  • Trivia nights


Contact us to find out how you too can get involved and take advantage of all the fantastic opportunities you may not know about!

Check out the EVENTS page for things you can attend!